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Adelaida Pardo is a Colombian cinematographer with a nomadic spirit. She has worked in film productions both in documentary and fiction, as well as being a photographer in countries such as Canada, Colombia, Scotland, and Estonia.

One of the favourite aspects of her work is how the word "cinematic" is re-invented with each story and each director's approach. To her, being behind a camera is the best way to unfold the secret of emotions and get closer to others; it makes you an attentive listener and careful observer.


She grew up in Bogota, a city in the heart of the Colombian Andes where she discovered the power of music, tropical wilderness and brave hearts facing difficulties. She did her bachelor studies in visual arts at Concordia University in Montreal. While there she understood the importance of un-learning and the potential of the camera.

In 2017, she graduated with an MFA in Cinematography from the Master's course KINO-EYES that offered her the chance to experience a very diverse range of film industries in Europe and collaborate with filmmakers from all over the world.


Now, she works between Europe, Colombia and India as a freelance cinematographer. She continues to develop her photography, directing and to work on projects as an AC.

Always packed, she is prepared to go where the projects take her.

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